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The Author's bio reads:

K.T. Archer, author of Editor's and Reader's choice novel TheSilver Spoon, Kismet and Editor's Choice, Rising Star novel Retribution,is inspired by life events, both good and bad. She lives with her numerous pets in Montgomery, Alabama.

But who is she really?

K.T. Archer was born and raised in a small Alabama townwhere you didn't lock your doors, left the keys in the ignition when you gotout of the car and kids rode their bikes to the store without fear. Life wassimpler in Monroe County. There was time to sit in the swing and listen to thewonderful stories her grandfather had to tell. Archer credits him with hercreative ability.

Following high school, she tried college at Troy Universitybut found it wasn't her forte, at that time. Needing to spread her wings shedecided to move to the "big city." She's lived in Montgomery, Alabamafor the last two decades. While it's not New York, considering where she camefrom it might as well be.

After working in several areas of the medical field, herlife took an unexpected turn. An opportunity presented itself to combine hermedical knowledge with something new, marketing medical supplies to thephysicians she'd grown to know through the years. It was an enjoyable experience,until the economy took a turn for the worse. For the first time, since she'dbegun working, Archer was without employment.

Fearful of the unknown and needing to keep busy, a fileshe'd had on her computer took on a life of its own. She decides to chase something she wanted to do instead of what she felt she needed to do.Day-after-day that file grew until a novel began to take shape. Feeling theneed to complete something else she'd started, she returned to Troy Universityto get a degree in psychology. Most authors have degrees in English or creativewriting but not Archer. She wanted to write stories people could relate to andin order to do so, she needed to know more about human nature and behavior.She'll tell you herself, "Editors need employment too, so I let them worryabout the structure of the English sentence. I want to give them a compellingstory to work with."

In 2010 her debut novel, The Silver Spoon, wasreleased. It drew a following that wanted more of Lizzy Wallace, Archer's maincharacter. The author's inbox filled with e-mails of people wanting to know ifshe knew their family and stories similar to the subject matter she'd writtenabout in her family drama. Readers wanted more and a series was born. Notwanting to be a formulated writer, the author delivered a novel completelydifferent than the first, a romance. Kismet became available in 2011 andreaders got to see a softer side of Lizzy. Once again, readers wanted more ofLizzy. After completing some research with a retired FBI agent, Archer took toher computer and wrote Retribution, released in 2013. Unlike itspredecessors, this thriller pushed the limits. In an e-mail from her publisher,"The author takes a doing so (she) increases the stakes for herprotagonist, Lizzy and the readers." It did indeed!

In 2015, Archer released Karmic Debt. She once again upped the stakes not only for Lizzy Wallace, but homeland security. Lizzy sets her sights on righting wrongs and exposing thieves. Join the caravan and prepare yourself to be exposed governmental secrets and underhanded deals.

The author's books are available in print ande-book through your favorite online bookseller. Stay up-to-date on new releases and happenings by following her onFacebook. Find out what she's reading on Goodreads. Happy reading!

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