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"Lizzie comes to terms with her unchangeable past by realizing that she is the architect of her future. She has many obstacles to face, but she does so withcourage and grace and a touch of Southern drawl. The book lives up to its name, "Kismet," meaning fate or destiny. It's a captivating read."

Marianne Moates Weber is a freelance writer in Prattville.

Laugh yourself in love.

For Lizzy Wallace, everything changed following the worst year of her life. Once a vibrant, enthusiastic young woman, Lizzy is a shell of her former self. Her closest friends, Kay and Spencer, agonize over her transformation and how helpless they are to help her find herself.

Determined to remind Lizzy who she was, they decide to take matters into their own hands. New people, new experiences, and new places are just the key to her return to joy; together, they will help their lost friend. But the best-laid plans sometimes go off in ways that no one can predict, and for Lizzy this strange new world is a little much to absorb.

A chance encounter with Dale and Bailey Boudreaux will change Lizzy’s life in ways too profound to foretell. They help Lizzy grow beyond her well-earned distrust in people, and that’s just one way they will change her entire life.

Is what happens next kismet? Only one thing is for sure: when destiny sets it’s sights on you, there really is nowhere to hide.

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