K. T. Archer - Alabama Author
Awarded Editor's and Reader's Choice at iUniverse
Twenty-five-year-old Lizzy thinks if she keeps her eyes closed all the way, then maybe what she is experiencing will not be real. Her mother, who has always been her rock, is about to die from cancer. As her mother takes her last breath, Lizzy—who has never truly been on her own—steps into the unknown and begins a new life.
In the aftermath of her mother's death, Lizzy's inner strength is tested, as the dysfunctional secrets her family has managed to hide for years suddenly begin to bubble up—revealing the imperfections of those she loves and admires. As Lizzy slowly realizes that her family may not have the emotional fortitude to unite after death, she heeds her mother's advice and decides not to trust the people she thought she could trust the most. But when her father shows up on her doorstep and reveals the promise he made to her dying mother, Lizzy must decide whether to forgive him for his past mistakes even as she attempts to resolve the conflict that surrounds her family.
As Lizzy journeys down a path to a new awareness, she must overcome emotional obstacles in order to finally grow up.
Review and Endorsements
"A story of love and forgiveness and a discovery of what truly holds meaning in life. In her debut novel, K.T. Archer has crafted a beautiful and heart-warming story."
Olivia deBelle Byrd
author of Miss Hildreth Wore Brown-Anecdotes of a Southern Belle
August 2010
The Silver Spoon   
Reviewed by Marianne Moates Weber
for the Alabama Writers' Forum
September 2010

In this fast moving novel brimming with more family secrets and drama than a family reunion gone awry, twenty-five year old Lizzy Wallace is torn between caring for the sick and dying and fending off relatives stealing family heirlooms. Lizzy, an emergency room nurse in Montgomery, returns to her small hometown to be with her mother, who is dying of cancer. Pam wants to die at home surrounded by friends. She hopes to make peace with her sister, Tanya, but Tanya will have none of that. Tanya is too busy going through Pam’s china cabinet and closets looking for heirlooms. She particularly wants the silverware that Grandmother gave to Pam.

To compound the family drama, Pam has single handedly cared for her mother, whose Alzheimer’s worsens by the day. Instead of helping Pam with the daily care, Tanya ducks responsibility by claiming that her job and family’s needs come first. Lizzy’s estranged father, Doyle, comes back into her life at Pam’s last request. Pam wants to make things right after their bitter divorce many years before. At first Lizzy reacts angrily towards the man she barely knows, but she needs his emotional support and counsel during the family turmoil.

Things only get worse in this hornet’s nest of dysfunctional relationships as Tanya seeks guardianship of Grandmother in a bitter legal battle. Everything seems to spin out of control in Lizzy’s life while she confronts difficult end-of-life issues and the challenges presented when adult children act like spoiled brats. But the author does not disappoint. The heroine matures right before our eyes as she comes to a deeper understanding of human nature, frailties, and forgiveness.

The author, K.T. Archer, lives in Montgomery with her husband and numerous pets. She is a former respiratory therapist who grew up in Excel, Alabama, near Monroeville and has spent countless hours in hospitals. She brings her vast personal experience to her characters and tells a believable story that highlights the current struggles in today’s families: What to do with aging loved ones with Alzheimer’s? What does it mean to die with dignity at home? What about relatives who steal from the dying? What role does the legal system play in caring for an elderly, frail adult?

Where will Lizzy’s life take her? We’ll have to wait for K.T. Archer’s next book, which she is currently writing. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Lizzy’s next adventure. Sept 2010

Marianne Moates Weber is a freelance writer, author of Truman Capote’s Southern Years, and a hospice social worker.
Special Dedication
I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to my writing companion, Pipa.  As I wrote The Silver Spoon she sat diligently by my side. I would write until the wee hours of the morning then rise early to write some more. Each and every time she took her place on her little bed, waiting patiently. Being a mature dog, life was good stretched out relaxing and possibly laughing while I stressed over revisions and edits. If dogs could talk I'm positive she could have some tales to tell.
Unfortunately, the day before receiving the news I had been awarded Editor's Choice my sweet girl had to end our journey together. In a bitter sweet moment I wanted to scoop her up and tell her, "We did it!" but her bed was empty. I miss my sweet girl tremendously and will remember her being by my side each and every time I write. Rest in peace baby girl. Your time on this earth my be over but your memory and place in my heart will never be forgotten.
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Willie Nelson
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