K. T. Archer - Alabama Author
For Lizzy Wallace, everything changed following the worst year of her life. Once a vibrant, enthusiastic you woman, Lizzy is a shell of her former self. Her closest friends, Kay and Spencer, agonize over her transformation and how helpless they are to help her find herself.
Determined to remind Lizzy who she was, they decide to take matters into their own hands. New people, new experiences, and new places are just the key to her return to joy; together, they will help their lost friend. But the best-laid plans sometimes go off in ways that no one can predict, and for Lizzy this strange new world is a little much to absorb.
A chance encounter with Dale and Bailey Boudreaux will change Lizzy’s life in ways too profound to foretell. They help Lizzy grow beyond her well-earned distrust in people, and that’s just one way they will change her entire life.
Is what happens next kismet? Only one thing is for sure: when destiny sets it’s sights on you, there really is nowhere to hide.
Review taken from The Montgomery Advertiser 8/28/11:
We last saw Lizzie Wallace in "The Silver Spoon" dealing with family drama surrounding her beloved grandmother. Some years have passed and Lizzie has been through enough to knock the wind from her sails.
In K.T. Archer's latest Lizzie saga, "Kismet," the heroine has matured to her early 30s and acknowledges that her "life is full of things I can't change." Her past anchors are gone. Her beloved grandparents and her mother are dead, her marriage has ended in divorce and she is unsure how to pick up the pieces.
Her constants are her job as a lab tech in a hospital and friends Kay and Spencer, who have become a surrogate family. Those two pals are plotting behind the scenes to bring some spark into Lizzy's drab existence. Darling Lizzy is stuck in a rut with a "plan for the worst but hope for the best" attitude. She's either at work or sitting at home with her best friend, Charlie the parrot. While the bird is a good companion, he's not exactly a warm body.
To move Lizzy off zero, the friends turn to today's social media, MyLoveLife.com. After Kay posts Lizzy's profile online, Lizzy begins receiving messages from men interested in knowing more. Through Lizzy's correspondence with potential suitors, we learn that she suffers from the angst that bedevils many of today's women: careers, romance, children, trust issues, wardrobe problems, scars from past relationships, fears that a new relationship will end up as bad as the one with the ex.
While it might appear that Lizzy is a woman whose life is in one big mess, she's right on target with her sisters. And she's working her way through all the entanglements. The online romance theme is fun, timely and relevant to the way people find partners.
Of course we want to know if Lizzy will find love with a very special man named Dale. What's she to do about his ex-wife, teenage daughter, conflicting job schedules, the miles between them? Lizzie comes to terms with her unchangeable past by realizing that she is the architect of her future. She has many obstacles to face, but she does so with courage and grace and a touch of Southern drawl.
The book lives up to its name, "Kismet," meaning fate or destiny. It's a captivating read.
Marianne Moates Weber is a freelance writer in Prattville.
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