K. T. Archer - Alabama Author
The Author Biography reads:
With her husband's encouragement, K. T. Archer, author of Editor's and Reader's Choice winner The Silver Spoon and newly released, Kismet, writes fiction to which readers can relate. Life events, good and bad, are her inspiration. She and her husband and their numerous pets live in Montgomery, Alabama.
But who is she really?
K. T. Archer was born and raised in a small Alabama town where you didn't lock your doors, left the keys in the ignition when you got out of the car and kids rode their bikes to the store without fear. Life was simpler in Monroe County. There was time to sit in the swing and listen to the wonderful stories her grandfather had to tell. Archer credits him with her creative ability.
Following high school she tried college at Troy University and found it wasn't her forte, at that time. Needing to spread her wings she decided to move to the "big city”. She has lived in Montgomery for the last two decades. While it's not New York considering where she came from it might as well be. 
After working in several different areas of the medical field and getting a degree in computer networking, she found her niche in marketing; but then the economy took a turn for the worse. Archer took full advantage of the time she was offered and pursued writing full-time. A story she had within her from personal experience and watching friends go through similar experiences was ready to be set free.
She returned to Troy University to complete her degree and graduated in 2011. Her debut novel, The Silver Spoon, has won Editor's and Reader's Choice designation from the publisher. She has released the next novel in the Lizzy Wallace series, Kismet and currently is working on a third. Both novels are available for purchase online at your favorite bookseller i.e. Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and her publisher, iUniverse.
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