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Whatever your reading appetite desires.

Drama, romance or thriller.

Each book is written independent of its predecessor.

Death has a way of unitingand dividing the living. Lizzy isn't prepared for the chain of events thedeath of mother causes. Family secrets run deep. Through hergrief, Lizzy must find the strength to fight opportunistic family members.Her grandmother's future and well-being depend on it.

Lizzy's friends decided she's overdue to find happiness. Lizzy believed if family isn't forever,nothing can be. Trust is hard for her. Kay and Spencer set Lizzy up for a collision with destiny by unconventional means. None of them realized how drastically life would change.

Lizzy didn't mean to witness Kay's husband cheating, it was accidental. Kay wants more information. The women dig in Marcus's affairs and gruesome, dark secrets emerge. What's seen can't be unseen. Marcus grows suspicious and it leaves Lizzy and Kay fighting for their lives.

Lizzy knew it was wrong to want someone dead, but you can't change the past. The law of karma says, "What goes around, comes around." How can she right her wrong?Will repayment mean an eye-for-an-eye? Or, will Lizzy be able to turn the table on her Karmic Debt?

All the author's titles are available through your

favorite bookseller in print and e-book.

Happy Reading!

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