K. T. Archer - Editor's and Reader's Choice Alabama Author

The Silver Spoon
Book 1

Death has a way of uniting and dividing the living. Following Lizzy's mother's death, family secrets are revealed along with opportunistic family members. Lizzy must find the strength and the fight to protect her grandmother and herself.

A family drama.

Editor's and Reader's Choice, 24 of 25 Stars Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2012, DIY Book Festival Honorable Mention 2013, New York Book Festival Honorable Mention 2014

Book 2

Lizzy's friends decide she's overdue to find happiness and trust again after the battle with her family. It has been eight years after all. Using an unconventional method they set her up for a collision with destiny.

A romantic comedy.

Book 3

By accident, Lizzy discovers her best friend's husband may not be as wonderful as he portrays himself to be. The two women dig a little deeper and uncover a psychopath with a murderous past...and they are caught in his cross-hairs. It will leave them fighting for survival.

A thriller.

Editor's Choice, Rising Star, Beach Book Festival Honorable Mention 2013, Florida Book Festival Honorable Mention 2014

The author is currently working on book four in the series and its expected release will be in 2015.

All the author's titles are available through your
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